An Executive Service of APCO Worldwide


Global Political Strategies (GPS) supports businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations to better navigate the increasingly complex and constantly changing worlds of geopolitics, global economics and market opportunities. With a team of experts drawn from across the world, GPS specializes in:

  • political intelligence, risk assessment and problem solving
  • market entry and establishment
  • government systems for defense and security, communication and public-service reform
  • government relations and coalition building
  • regulatory and treaty development
  • trade and investment policy

GPS works with clients’ C-suite executives – those who are thinking through, shaping and setting the strategic goals of the organization – to help navigate the future.

Drawing on APCO Worldwide’s local and global resources, Global Political Strategies assists clients to better develop their corporate strategy and tactics, achieve successful market entry and establishment, and identify and meet the policy, regulatory, investment, legal and communication challenges they face.

Download a one page summary of GPS here (PDF).